Take control of your SolidWorks experience with Xperience controller software.

Use a game controller to take your design environment and model manipulation to a new level.

Xperience seamless model manipulation

Quickly and smoothly zoom in/out, rotate, pan, fire views, and more.

Xperience a more comfortable and ergonomic environment for designing

Use both hands to manipulate the model, use your flat screen TV, or prop up your feet and keep designing.

Xperience fully integrated and pre-configured software for SolidWorks

Designed specifically for SolidWorks — not sending keyboard or mouse commands — is a smooth and controlled environment. Directly manipulate your model and continue your focused design process.

Xpresso speech recognition provides a set of SolidWorks commands to compliment Xperience. Keep your hands on the controller and enter your dimensions with Xpresso speech recognition for SolidWorks.