Speak your mind with Xpresso, the premier integrated speech recognition software for SolidWorks.

Xpresso speech recognition software enables SolidWorks designers to simply say commands eliminating actions that do not add value. Using Xpresso reduces hand movement and augments the use of additional navigation devices streamlining the design process and making it more efficient.

Saying it is just faster.

Save time and increase productivity by eliminating actions. When you want a circle, say circle. No more hunting through menus, moving to icons, or positioning for hot keys.

Free your hands.

Eliminate actions that do not add value to your design. Increase your productivity while freeing your hands to use other navigational devices — or get a cup of coffee.

Focus on your work.

Jockey less between mouse and keyboard keeping your eyes on your screen. Reduce mouse motion, ergonomic strain, and muscle fatigue.

Say it once.

We make it accurate by integrating our speech recognition with CAD's specialized vocabulary. And built-in voice training tailors Xpresso to you.